So , you are aged 18 - 39 , as requested.

You will be very feminine and smooth all over (shaved is fine)
Ideally you will have your own hair but we do accept that some girls need to wear a hairpiece.
You will be experienced in oral and receiving "safe" anal.

Be warned though , some of our black males are VERY well endowed.

In our experience , we have found that the "occasional cross dresser" is not really suited to our selection process.
The kind of tgirl who fits well with us is one who needs to dress as often as she can , it is a major part of her.
She will be experienced and insatiable - she is always hunting cock.
She would not be offended if she was considered a slut. These are the types we prefer.

We also dont accept gurls who live a long way from London ( e.g Birmingham , Manchester etc...)

This is because these gurls , although well intentioned, tend to attend ONE party , then , dont make the effort to travel to future parties on a frequent basis. They are no good for us.

If you contact us , your face picture will be clearly displayed on your internet profiles. Again , this proves you are a confident, established tgirl who is well down your tgirl path.

Tart ! Slut ! Whore ! Are these the words you like to hear when Black Bulls are using your mouth and ass ?

Ok, it might be a strong line but there is no room for the politically correct at our sex parties !

As said before, you will be a “convincing” tgirl .

You will be aged 18 -39.

You will be slim or normal build.

You will be smooth all over (natural or shaved)

If you have your own,  natural long hair and nails it will be a big bonus,  but we will accept a girl who needs to wear a wig or false nails due to her everyday life.

You will be WHITE (Caucasian) . Our bulls only use white meat.

You will be feminine and sexy.

You will be a very sexual tgirl. You will always be passive and have an eager, willing, submissive nature.

You LOVE to pleasure cock, you are hungry for it and when you get it , you just want more!

You will enjoy serving cock and you will enjoy serving our Black Bulls at our parties.

There is no reciprocation; you will be there to pleasure the Black Bulls.

You will think of only their pleasure which will itself fulfil you mentally and make you whole.

You will be in heaven when you serve 3 or 4 big , black cocks in a row at our parties.

You love sucking cock and you love being fucked in the ass.

You will be in ecstasy when there is a black cock in your mouth and one in your ass at the same time.

You love to serve men and you love to know that you have fulfilled their sexual needs by making your body and your holes available to them.

Their cocks are going to provide you with so much pleasure.

You will be clean, you will always have a clean, douched ass/pussy and you will only ever take a cock in your ass that has a condom covering it. Uncovered in your mouth is expected, in your ass we only practice safe-sex at our parties.

Would you like to pleasure Black men at our parties ?

Maybe it sounds a little too much ? Well , whilst you will be willing to be thoroughly used , there WILL be other tgirls present in order for you to share the load. Our parties tend to have around 8 tgirls and 12 black guys in attendance. You will be allowed to rest , in-between offering your holes up again. The "social" side , in the lounge, is also a big part of our parties.

The other tgirls are supportive and friendly.

We might use you but we will not abuse you - we take care of our sluts.

Do you think your destiny involves serving our Black Bulls ?

If so , email us . Include as much information about yourself as possible and also your experience in serving cock . You MUST include at least two clear pictures of yourself.

Your enquiry will be handled by a Black Bull, who will pass your pictures to the other Black  and also party organiser.


One final point , you MUST live within easy access of Central London. You are no good to the Black Bulls if you live hundreds of miles away or only visit London once or twice a year. Please do not waste our time if you do not fulfil any of our criteria.

Send your email detailing your stats , your experience, at least two clear face pics (dressed) and two full length body pics (dressed) to : OR just hit this button email

Below are some pictures of actual guys who attend our parties

Just click on the first image to open up the others in to a slideshow


Disclaimer : Not all or even the majority of tgirls like to consider themselves sluts or even be classed in that bracket. We in no way wish to convey that all tgirls are sluts, but the ones we select for our Dark Thrust party group are !