Are you a Black*  man who is an established admirer and user of tgirls (transvestites, shemales, lady boys, cross dressers) ?

Perhaps you are just curious about them at the moment ?

Why should a tgirl appeal to you ?

Imagine , in the bedroom , you had a woman who dressed like a slut, painted her face like Jordan, always had slut red nail polish, wore the sexiest of lingerie, the shortest of skirts and the highest of heels, begged you to ignore her pussy and instead to fuck her in the ass (because it is tighter and more taboo) , begged you to feed her your cock and throat fuck her , not just for a few minutes but for as long as you wanted and allowed you to do anything sexual you wanted to her , never answered back , did everything without question, worshipped you like a king and then expected you not to even pleasure her in return ?

Lets see you try THAT with your wife , girlfriend or the female you are chasing on the internet. Lets face it , most females want gifts , dinner , courtship and to be treated with respect.
NOT the trans girls who are present for you at our parties.
They relish in being sluts to assertive , Black men , they are eager , keen and hungry and they want you to fill their holes.

They are all selected because they have a passive , willing disposition. They are slim , feminine and above all sexy .

They are the best cocksuckers ! Why , because unlike many females they know all about the workings of the cock. They know first hand how it feels and therefore how to pleasure it best. They are not doing it with the frame of mind that a female might have “well , he has licked my pussy , I suppose I had better return the compliment and give him a blow job , although I don’t really like it that much and I hate to feel those sweaty balls slapping against my face”.

Our tgirls live and love to suck cock and YOU are going to feel the difference!

Our tgirls live and love to feel your cock in their ass . They know how to keep it clean and they know how to lube it and relax it , so that you can fuck it.

Our tgirl love to rim your ass and bring pleasure to the hundreds of nerve endings around your ass hole. If you have never been rimmed you REALLY have no idea what you have been missing. But then , why would you have ? Telling your wife to get down and lick your arsehole is likely to result in a slap in the face. Telling our tgirls to do it will result in them immediately dropping to their knees !

They love groups of men because for them it means more cocks and the opportunity to have a cock in their mouth and one in their ass at the same time. Some of them like TWO cocks in their ass at the same time !

Our Tgirls are many men's dream , feminine , sexy , eager , willing, unselfish , they love just to please you and expect no reciprocation and they love it when you allow them to become the sluts that they crave to be.

If you are a BLACK man , comfortable in group sex situations, normal fitness and stamina to be able to use all the mouth and ass put in front of you for an hour or two ( or longer) then why not consider enquiring further about joining our exclusive group of Black men and tgirls and attending one of our parties ?
You are welcome to take a viagra !

There is no such thing as free sex ? Well , there is now !
We hold sex parties every 4 weeks or so in a VERY private apartment in South Central London.
There are
NO FEES , the parties are FREE and your wife , girlfriend or best mates are never even going to know that you have been here.
Parties are organised so that they are usually about 7 or 8 tgirls and 10/11/12 Black men in attendance.

Our pool is a group of about 60 Black guys. We consider ourselves heterosexual, we love pussy BIG TIME but we love the thought of fems worshipping us , pleasuring us for hours , bending over so we can fuck tighter ass , fems that make an effort, fems that dress to please and not for their comfort, eye-candy that doesn’t answer back but just get on their knees , open their mouths and the only thing that comes out of them is the drool that you produce when fucking their throats !
That’s why we love trans girls for an occasional change, lets call it a secret treat.

The Black guys who attend our parties tell us that our parties are simply the BEST parties in London and the UK.

How do our parties earn that accolade ?

Well , at your regular , heterosexual "swingers" party , here is the deal:

Firstly , you have to lay down 30 - 60 to attend ( our parties are FREE)

Secondly , you spend a lot of the night "chasing" the bitch you fancy, but , those bitches are always in control. They only select the guys that appeal to them the most.
At our parties - YOU are in control , you simply select any bitch you want and she follows you , willingly , to a bedroom.

Our bitches pleasure you for as long as YOU need. It is ALWAYS about YOU , never about them.

You dont have to worry about using one bitch for a long time , as it might be ages before you score another , at our parties you can use ALL of our bitches. Just use one , use all 8 , it is entirely up to you.

You will be amongst other "professional" type Black guys , no "street thugs" here. They will respect your "scene", they wont get competitive as they know there are plenty of bitches to go around.

SOME of our Dark Thrust party Black guys also have sex sessions with women outside of our parties.
Sometimes they need other Black guys to come and team up with them - so , they might network with you too , if that is your wish, so , Dark Thrust parties can lead to more and more sex.

If one of our bitches at a Dark Thrust party really takes your fancy , you can also make arrangement to meet her "one-on-one" at a future date.

Our bitches are the "cream" of tgirls. They are gorgeous and very feminine. Only Londons' finest are at our parties.  They have been hand picked.


If YOU would like to join our exclusive group of trans fuckers , please email your personal details and details of your experience with tgirls or swinging (having no experience is NOT a bar to being allowed to join us) and include your picture.

One final point , you MUST live within easy access of Central London. It is  no good if you live hundreds of miles away or only visit London once or twice a year. Please do not waste our time if you do not fulfil any of our criteria.

Our male applications are handled by Tiffany , she is our sexy tgirl party organiser and hostess, after all , you don’t want to be discussing your sexual desires with some other black dude, do you !

Because we are so secretive about our usage of tgirls , the other Black guys naturally want to stay as private as possible . So , we DO NOT just invite Black guys "off the street".

Black guy applicants are asked to meet with tgirl party organiser Tiffany first , so that she can get a feel for you. You can use her when you meet her , or , simply a coffee and a chat will do too.

Get in touch with her, as stated previously , with your info and pic(s) by emailing:

 Just hit this button to Email


Below are some pictures of some of the tgirls who attend our parties.


* Black men need to be Black, Black African , African American , Caribbean or dark mixed race heritage to be accepted into our interracial sex parties.

Disclaimer : Not all or even the majority of tgirls like to consider themselves sluts or even be classed in that bracket. We in no way wish to convey that all tgirls are sluts, but the ones we select for our Dark Thrust party group are !